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Canterbury Bungalow

A residential renovation project, the existing condition was a dated bungalow in Canterbury; replica heritage elements and a ubiquitous clotted-cream wall colour froze the home in time and distracted from its welcoming atmosphere and quality details. Molecule’s brief was to reimagine the home as a backdrop for contemporary family life while referencing the expat Hong Kong life from which our clients were returning.

The design challenge was to retain the charming aspects of the home’s bungalow character while introducing a cleaner, more modern spirit; our design response contrasted whites with deep charcoals to crispen spaces and highlight timber panelling details, while introducing a light-handed oriental spirit in the form of existing Asian furniture pieces and colour palette (rich reds, jade and indigo).

Streamlined furniture shapes and a natural finishes palette offer the home a universal air of clutter-free calm, while each space reflects its own distinctive atmosphere: living spaces are mannered yet approachable, bedrooms are moody and layered, and the children’s zone offers relaxed shapes and brightly coloured fun.